It doesn’t matter how many cups of espresso you drink, each one is truly unique. To become an espresso aficionado savor the sensations of each cup, appreciating the aroma, color and flavor. Don’t take too long to do so, though, an espresso is best drunk in the first fifteen seconds after it is brewed.

Let’s get brewing

To brew the perfect espresso is like creating a work of art; it takes skill to get it right. Il Gustino gives you the lowdown on how to master it.

The 3 essential parts of an espresso

The perfect espresso consists of a heart, body and crema.
The heart: this is the very bottom of the shot. It should have a deep, rich brown.
The body: this is the middle part and should be caramel brown in color.
The crema: this is the foam-like part of the espresso that sits on top.

Tips for getting the perfect espresso shot

Pre-heat your espresso cup.
Place it under the spout.
Turn on the machine.
Make sure the length of the brew is 15-20 seconds.

Crema… Practice makes perfect

How to know you have the perfect crema: Ideally it should be the color of caramel and with a length of 0.5cm.

Not quite there yet? Don’t worry. Keep trying. Getting it right involves a balance of the right amount of espresso, correct water temperature, extraction time and grind.