What gives coffee beans their different flavors?
Everything from soil, to weather, to type of coffee plant affects the resulting flavor of the bean.

Where does the best tasting coffee come from?
Generally, coffee grown close to the equator at high altitudes produces the best taste.

Which nations drink the most coffee in the world?
The Americans, French and Germans are the biggest consumers of coffee – together they drink 65% of the total coffee consumed in the world.

Who drinks more coffee – men or women?
According to a National Coffee Association survey, men drink at least as much coffee as women, if not more.

What kind of plant does coffee grow from?
Coffee is actually a fruit that grows on trees.

How many coffee beans does it take to make one cup of coffee?
It takes approximately 50 coffee beans to produce one cup of coffee.

Why does coffee make us feel more awake?
When caffeine enters your body, the pituitary glands react by sending a signal to the adrenal glands to produce adrenaline.