Il Gustino’s top tips for keeping your coffee and your machine in optimum condition.

Keep your Il Gustino coffee in perfect condition

A clean, dry, airtight container is the best way to ensure your coffee beans are stored to retain their optimum condition. Always place the container in a cool, dark place away from sunlight and heat.

Keep your machine clean – the easy way

To safeguard a consistent and fresh taste, always remember to clean your machine.

Pick out the water reservoir, clean it and fill with purified water.
Press the on/off button; that’s when the machine goes into its coffee preparing state (the machine is now heating); the coffee indicator light is on; the coffee-making button flashes.
Press the fasten handgrip; place a large cup under the spot.
Wait until the coffee indicator light goes off for the first time; press the coffee-making button waiting for the water to flow out for about three full cups (about 500ml); then finally press the coffee-making button again to stop working.


Always add water during daily use. Discarding pre-used water and replacing it with fresh water is always recommended.
Clean the drip tray after each use. Cleaning the espresso machine between each shot is important in order to keep it running smoothly. Using a brush to clean the group head and the steam wand will ensure the best flavor in your cup.


Use a descaler.
Available in the form of powder, pods or descaling solutions, this chemical product should be used every six months to remove mineral deposits such as lime scale from the tank, boiler and pipes of the espresso machine.